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Welcome to highgrove

Welcome to highgrove, we are experts in providing document management solutions designed around your organisation’s business processes and practises, fully integrating with existing systems and software. We have worked with some of the world's leading names in manufacturing, logistics & distribution, financial services and the utilities & public sector. Our unique approach to document management and business process automation means that we can achieve results faster and at a lower cost than you may expect.

highgrove offering

  • Specialise in providing digital document management solutions.
  • Take existing paper and digital documents used in the organisation and provide a secure, centralised, digital document management solution.
  • Eliminate manual document handling where possible and create digital documents and automated workflows for the business processes.
  • Refine the workflow, storage, delivery and management for all types of documents and information in one easy to use centrally managed secure solution.
  • Maximise the efficiency, usability and management of the document driven business processes.

Services and solutions examples:

Paperless Office

Organisations have been hunting for the paperless office since the beginning of the digital age. However, many have found that as their business becomes more complex, the volume of documents also increases. At highgrove, we help to reduce the reliance on paper documents – although we realise that fully eliminating all paper documents may be difficult to achieve for some organisations.

Our solution is flexible enough to work with nearly any document input channel (scan, PDF, email, mobile, MS office etc.) and backend system (ERP, DMS, ECM, SharePoint, etc.). Whether you are invoice processing in the accounts payable department, capturing documents at the point of entry in a digital mailroom, inputting key data remotely by mobile device or securely archiving all documents, paper and digital, for use in the business process, highgrove can help you do business more effectively.

We have helped many organisations to successfully reduce paper and manual paper based processes, and hence to reduce administration costs. highgrove are specialists at integrating our solutions with your existing core systems in order to produce the results that your organisation needs.

Document workflow and automation

The key to providing a world-class solution is to enable true document automation. Wherever there is a need for human input in a business process, there is the possibility of efficiency improvements through document automation.

With the versatile and powerful workflow features in our solution, routine company tasks can be automated and task assignments can be given to the right persons at the right time. Workflows can be initiated for approval of contracts, circulation of purchase invoices, processing job applications and for a myriad of other uses that require the review, edit and/or approval by several entities within the organisation. This type of document automation allows all organisations to work in a more streamlined and effective way.

Invoice processing

New technologies, especially mobile or cloud based, are changing the way we do business. highgrove have developed an end to end invoice processing solution that has benefitted many organisations and can revolutionise the way you carry out your document based accounts payable processes. By digitising and automating the process, organisations speed up the time to do business, improving productivity, removing manual error prone work, increasing visibility and most importantly, streamlining operational costs.

For example, we have enabled organisations to automate their entire accounts department. Once an inbound invoice has been scanned or received by email, accounts payable automation means that a copy will be archived, the invoice compared to purchase orders, approval workflow initiated, automatic entry of invoice data on to the system, payment made and details recorded in ERP, accounting and CRM solutions.

The above examples are only part of what highgrove can achieve for an organisation. If you want to get more functionality, without replacing existing systems, then we can help. Please get in touch today on 01332 695050 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can advise on what is possible for your organisation.

"I can easily email, fax and retrieve documents. Accessibility is the key; it’s so effortless, in fact everything is there at my finger tips." Matthew Mills, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


+44 (0)1332 695050
+44 (0)131 629 6564
+44 (0)20 7998 0100